party waiting to happen

In inspiration on August 15, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Two years ago I graduated from college. One year ago I unintentionally moved to Los Angeles. One month ago I finally made the step into the highly awaited realm of adulthood. When I say highly awaited, I’m. Not. Kidding.
I’ve been imagining living on my own for years- scouring magazines for inspiration, collecting tear pages of how i would decorate my pied e terre in Boston, plotting to steal my parents perfectly aged brass bed from England as a finishing touch to my renovated craftsman condo in Atlanta!  And oh how many times did I daydream of the fabulous flea market finds I would use to outfit my brick-walled loft in Austin…decorating aside, I’ve been this just…(sigh) party waiting to happen – if you will. Living day by day knowing that as soon as I could stand on my own two feet – oh man – everything else would just fall into place.
So we fast forward  to now. Suddenly I’m in LA, eyes wide, fingers trembling with anxiousness and my heart pulsating with sheer excitement. I have arrived.
After a lot of urging, nudging, and not-so-subtle hints to start a blog, here it is : cereal and wine – the one of a kind adventures, unexpected blessings, triumphs and mishaps of a young lady who is in heaven with a bowl of $5 cereal for dinner yet calls her mom just to brag about the $3 wine she had for dessert…
~ j.ayers
  1. Woohoo!! I’m looking forward to joining with you on your journey & am excited you have started a blog! The blogging world is one crazy fun place for sure! Miss you dear friend!

  2. Miss Ayers!

    You, my dear, are a rock-star, just as I always knew you would be. I am SUPER proud to call you friend and even more excited to see what you have to offer this world!


  3. i love you honey and i can’t wait to follow along!

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