“As You Wish”

In budget, Los Angeles, mr. and mrs. pooch on August 22, 2010 at 5:50 pm

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, so when my super cool roomie emailed me two weeks ago about this “food truck, movie, outdoor thing” I was buying my ticket within the hour.

One blanket, two tickets and $20 bucks later A.P and I strolled into Outdoor Cinema Food Fest.

5 things that made this night great:

1. Free coffee for everyone  – let me rephrase that…free delicious coffee for everyone.

2.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house because the screen is MASSIVE – not to mention we managed to get a spot front and center.

3. Hawaiian, Burger, Korean, Cupcake, French Fries, Ice Cream, Pizza, Salad Food Trucks…literally something for every palate.

4. Now Showing: The Princess Bride

5. Concessions are $1

One thing we learned quickly was that the trucks can and will run out of food. I mean it’s obvious considering there were 1000+ hungry people in attendance and only so many of these mobile eateries.  Vivid visions of slow roasted beef, pork and chicken, marinated in island sauce lured us to the Hawaiian BBQ truck almost instantaneously. 5 minutes later a guy hops out of the truck and with an indifferent glance at the line, posts a handwritten sign: “OUT OF FOOD”  snapping us back to reality and sending us on a hunt for the next best thing.

No worries, we marched over to the Slice Truck and after about 15 minutes in line (which was no big deal because we could still watch the movie) our order was in:  2 slices of Cheese, 2 slices of Pepperoni.  The wait was about 30 so we grabbed some candy from the concession, water, a coke and proceeded to cheer, laugh and boo with the crowd while we waited. Did I mention we only spent $20 the entire evening?

Oh Em Geeeeee! Delicious, gooey, warm, cheesy, with a little NYC swag…the pizza hit the spot.

Every time I watch The Princess Bride I remember why EVERYONE loves it, action, adventure, comedy, love….and come on what girl doesn’t love it when a guy is cooperative and wonderful and just says “as you wish” and really means “I love you and I would cross the 7 seas, endure the pit of despair, fight oversized rodents, out smart kings, and let you sit on the blanket and stay warm while I wait in line all over again to pick up the pizza for us.”

~ j.ayers

  1. princess bride is so dope. inconceivable!!!

  2. SO Proud of YOU. FANTASTIC. That’s it. You rock.

  3. “Stop rhyming-I mean it!….” loveeeee this one. Applause to you, J. Ayes =)

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