just the pink spoon…

In fashion, Good Eats, Los Angeles on August 24, 2010 at 2:36 pm

You know when you go to Baskin Robbins and you find a flavor that sounds and looks good but you still aren’t sold on making the full commitment so they ever so graciously allow you to try the ice cream using that tiny pink spoon…

Well, here is my pink spoon to you – just a few little samples.

Lime green Vans are to your feet as blonde hair is to your head…you just have more fun.

A watch can give you insight on a persons priorities in an instant…I almost always wear one because my days are packed tight and I can’t stand being late.

Funnel cake, the iconic ferris wheel, sand, ocean and street vendors = Sundays at the Santa Monica Pier.

Laughter, bare feet, good friends, hot dogs, sand and a sunset make for the perfect beach bonfire.

marshmallows too..

“Whoa! Are those perpetrators?!”

Homemade cupcakes – frosted or unfrosted – batter or baked – I can’t get enough.

A very fashionable friend of mine once told me “You should never wear clean chuck taylors, chucks should tell a story”

~ j.ayers


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