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Be Bold!

In fashion on September 26, 2010 at 5:58 pm

I remember before I started wearing makeup, I went into my moms bedroom and put on a bunch of hers. This included a deep purple eyeshadow and some bright, Bright, BRIGHT pink lipstick I’m sure she got for free. Didn’t matter I  knew I looked stunning.

My mom came home from work, took one look at me and began laughing hysterically. When I didn’t laugh back she said “okay, there was no way you are serious”.  From that day forward I steered far far far from lipstick. I’m talking I cringed at colored lipgloss.


With the comeback of red lipstick in full swing I decided to take a chance. So after about an hour at the Mac counter and a dozen tubes of red lipstick later I landed on my perfect match. A bold, fun, flirty color perfect  for days when I’m feeling dull and uninspired.

Moral of the story ladies: Be Bold. Take a Chance. Have Fun!!!!



Can’t go without my…

In budget, fashion on September 23, 2010 at 2:05 pm

blublockers…I am notorious for sitting on, losing, scratching, and abusing my sunglasses – so having a pair that not only look great and cost a little, is a win win in my book.

This aviator style comes in Tortoise Shell, Black or White  – Oh and these are totally unisex, so everyone can share : )

~ j.ayers

Tasting Kitchen- Abbot Kinney

In friendship, Good Eats, Los Angeles on September 21, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Eeek! Go. Here. Now. If you live in LA or will be in LA soon call me so we can eat here.  My poor camera died before I could get shots of the whole meal so this is just the tip of the iceberg…all I can say is Mmmm!

~ j.ayers


In Good Eats, Los Angeles on September 19, 2010 at 5:01 pm

One morning I was out looking for a place to eat breakfast, ran across this place with a totally random picture of what looked like Yosemite Sam outside + it kind of had an old  saloon/western vibe to it. But I went in anyway. : )

(Huevos rancheros, pancakes, breakfast burrito, chips, salsa,  home fries and some gooood coffee all courtesy of Outlaws in Playa Del Rey.)

No regrets!

~ j.ayers

Hollywood say what?!

In Los Angeles, mr. and mrs. pooch on September 19, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Recently, A.P let me escort him to the premiere of the HBO series he worked for all summer, Eastbound and Down...dude this Dorthy- is so not in Kansas anymore : )

~ j.ayers

Coffee Makes the World Go Round

In budget, Good Eats on September 16, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Me: Daddy can I have some of your coffee?

Him: You don’t want coffee

Me: Why not?

Him: Because coffee makes your head hard…

Me: ohhhh

I should’ve listened, I should’ve taken heed…18 years later and I’m a cup a daykind of gal…minimum. I used to be fancy with it too – “Yeah I’ll have an upsidedowncaramelmacchiatowithsoyandanextrashot. mmmkay thanks!”

Now – I keep it simple…couple of packets of splenda here, a little soy there and bam! I’m caffeine’d up for the  day hour.  Iced or hot I’m all about it.

Recently, coffee has become quite the accessory…you can’t look through a tabloid without seeing a celeb looking glamorous with their big shades and cup of starbucks. Let’s be honest – for the average person this ‘accessory’  can get a little pricey by the end of the month. So here’s a hint, for the best dose of caffeine get the regular cup of joe. Yup you heard it – ixnay on the $5.00 ‘double shot of this’ drink and load up on that bold roast.

So for $1.50-$2.00 you can still have your uber chic cup of iced or hot coffee – annnnnd at Starbucks you can stay fabulous/awake throughout the day for .50c a refill when you reuse your cup!

yes please.

~ j.ayers

don’t call it a comeback

In fashion, for the home, friendship, inspiration, Los Angeles, wine on September 14, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Remember that LL Cool J song that goes: don’t call it a comeback! I’ve been here for years…” That’s completely how I’m feeling right now because it seems like forever since I’ve posted…but here I am! And for those of you have been asking I am absolutely flattered that you are interested/keeping up. Thank you.

So! Here’s what’s been on my radar, stuff I can’t get enough of, stuff I hope will take you to certain moments in your life, and as always…stuff to encourage smiling.

Fresh White Linens on a Sunday Morningwhat is about tide-scented white sheets, a big comfy cream comforter and pillows I can’t help but get lost in – that make me want to peel back the pages of an old New Yorker, keep the box of Honey Nut Cheerios and Soy Milk by my bed and let Pandora churn out some goooooood jazz??

Watching My Roomie at Work…On my list of people who continue to absolutely amaze me – this lady ranks high. Here she is making magic with a polaroid camera annnnd check out the corner of the photo: she made this DELICIOUS bundt cake from scratch-ola!

Finding Things I thought Were Lost Forever…I’ve always wanted a really cool kangolsamuel L jackson style.  And then for Christmas last year A.P hooked me up with a classic black one. In the midst of moving my kangol goes missing. Gone. Can’t find it anywhere…until this past week when I did an intense cleaning session and voila! Hello Dolly!

On Repeat…omg these songs are on repeat day and night…I’m bringing ear phones to work this week so that my coworker doesn’t have to listen to the same four songs for another week straight.  And while I know playing songs on repeat is so obnoxious for the people around you – goodness! These are taking me to such familiar and wonderful and groovy places. I’m not stopping.

–  Michael Buble’s, Georgia on my mind

– Stevie Wonder, All I Do

– Phoenix, If I Ever Feel Better

– Ahmad Jamal, Pittsburgh

Surprise Notes From Friends…I came home one day to this note on my bed – geez! Thoughtfulness and “just because” kindness is a lost art and I’m so grateful for the wonderfully thoughtful/kind people around me.

Views of the BeachI am 100% guilty of taking my close proximity to the ocean for granted – This has to change pronto because I know when I’m living in an urban jungle somewhere, and the closest thing to the beach is my bathtub, I’m going to regret not spending more time on the strand.

My first 5- Course Meal with Wine Pairing at a Chef’s Table...need I say more?? Scallops, lamb, delightful wines swishing around in my mouth ever so perfectly, chocolate cake with vanilla gelato, olive bread, etc… oh and more sighs of satisfaction than one can imagine.  I could get used to this.

~ j.ayers