flips and funnel cake

In Good Eats, Los Angeles, mr. and mrs. pooch on November 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm

oh man – I think A.P is addicted : )

He’d never had a funnel cake…ever!! In my world that is a federal offense. I had my first funnel cake in Amish Country Pennsylvania at the age of like 6! Yeah I was hooked on this sugary, doughy confection early and haven’t been able to give it up since. Every fair, carnival, boardwalk, I go to I’m searching high and low for the lone funnel cake stand. Though I must admit I’m not into the fancy stuff – don’t go adding weird strawberry compote or chocolate or any of that business- just give it to me piping hot (the kind of hot that causes me to repeatedly burn my tongue, because I refuse to wait for it to cool, but I’ll just say: omg.it’s so gooood.i can’t help it. yeah you know that feeling!) and covered in powder sugar.

Eat hard. Play hard. That’s my motto…at least when you’re at the Santa Monica Pier!

We headed over to what I like to call the ‘gymnastics area’ but I’m certain it has a more formal name than that…anyway I showed off my 2nd grade gymnast skills and A.P attempted to out do me…hmmm I think not – I have a dismount to rival Dominique Dawkins…sort of. Anyway here’s me judging A.P after he mastered a flip on the rings!

Flips & Funnel Cake <—– THE VIDEO!!! 🙂



  2. Seriously….AP has never had a funnel cake before this…where has he been hiding?

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