5 Ways to Avoid Looking Like an Inexperienced Concert Goer

In friendship, music on November 18, 2010 at 2:52 pm

November 7th, as an AMAZING birthday gift to me from B – She and I took it to the Wiltern for a Florence + the Machine concert!!!

Ow Ow! Needless to say this concert was a learning experience for the both of us, after committing numerous faux pas we quickly realized we’re not the cool, hip, in-the-know concert goers we thought we were.

1. The Drinks : So here’s the deal, we ordered two red bulls strictly for dancing energy and because who drinks on a Monday?? Apparently, a lot of people. The bartender was pretty peeved to see we ordered drinks sans alcohol for a tab total of $10…Lesson here: concert goers drink any day of the week.

2. The Outfit: In getting dressed for this music fest B and opted for outfits that would be danceable, comfortable, and okay let’s be honest we both wanted to wear jeans and sneakers. So we did! Everyone else did not. Heels, funky make up, dresses, crazy dresses, leather boots, pretty much people went all out. Great.  Lesson here: concert goers must look snazzy.

3. The Dancing: My friends will tell you I have a lot of rules when it comes to dancing. At a concert, the majority of them go out the window – this is because if someone is on stage performing their butt off they deserve some hands in the air and screaming. B and I danced all night annnnnd the most of the time we were solo in this effort as our surrounding concert goers were not budging until Florence played her most popular, mainstream, commercial song. Lesson here: concert goers don’t dance unless everyone else does.

4. The Opening Act: So partway through the concert an opening act tells us Florence and the Machine is next up, LIES ALL LIES! But B and I don’t know that – so we spend the next 20 min. screaming at the top of our lungs, speculating loudly about why no one is enjoying Flo + the Machine as much as we are, and of course dancing obnoxiously.  Our antics were striking enough for a french man behind us to ask B “who was that group?” – B responded in a very matter of fact way : “That. Was Florence + the Machine…” Silence. The french man turns to his equally french girlfriend and says “ugh no. No it was not” and then left! B and I laughed so much we cried and our abs hurt the next day. Lesson here: Concert goers don’t care about the opening act. ever.

5. The Exit: Lesson here: laugh the entire ride home about how cool you aren’t, enjoy the last few minutes of your red bull energy, mock an annoyed french man, and blast the artists album singing ‘you’ve got the love‘ and ‘cosmic love‘ like your very life depends on it.


  1. Must say, I enjoy my concerts much like you. Way to bring some realism to LaLaland!

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