flower biscuits & eggs

In Good Eats on December 8, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Earlier this week I ran across an ad for a breakfast sandwich with heaps of bacon and sunny side up egg on it and got the urge to bake (yes, as in cook) some biscuits from scratch.

And by scratch I mean Bisquick –  2/3 a cup of milk and 10 good kneads later I was forming the dough to make what I thought would be these large fluffy perfect biscuits.

Maybe it was because I placed the random left over biscuit dough on top of the cutouts that seemed ‘sparse’ or maybe it was when I decided that if I put two biscuit cut outs on top of one another it would make a super biscuit….either way I ended up with some WEIRD looking bread.

Never one to accept a failure I dubbed these “Flower Biscuits”  – as the tops resemble flower buds!

I drizzled honey over the Flower Biscuit, made an egg sunny side up and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Cheers to that!

Also! These GORGEOUS photos are courtesy of Becky Reams Photography – she did these on the spot by adding just a crack of pepper and moving a lamp shade – unreal.



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