pumpkin ravioli and pr

In Good Eats, Los Angeles on December 8, 2010 at 4:17 pm

After finally getting on each others schedule I met up with one of my near and dear friends W.B! W.B is a guy who took a risk by quitting his ‘perfect’ corporate job and moved out to LA to defy the norm – and he’s doing it, really, really, doing it!  We met at our fav spot, Rush Street in Culver City. The dimly lit bar/restaurant resembles a Chicago style sports bar with an entire wall opening up to main street.

After spending the first thirty minutes talking a million miles a minute with crazy hand gestures and arm movements we finally order our meal. After some back and forth with the waitress we end up ordering the same thing: Pumpkin Ravioli.

UNBELIEVABLE. INCREDIBLE. PHENOMENAL. PERFECT. (my camera phone photos don’t do it justice AT ALL)

I never savor food, this time I savored every single bite. W.B and were so caught off guard by the deliciousness of this dish we barely talked except to say: Ohmygoodness! and wow – is this for real? and do the whole roll your eyes, put your fork in the air, and salute the food gods for the mix of velvety pumpkin puree surrounded by a slightly chewy ravioli pocket and topped with roasted butternut squash, a hint of curry (we think) and crunchy pumpkin seeds. Delightful.

We told the table next to us. Yep, we did. We were those people telling other people what to order with no shame  – ” sir, i’m telling you one bite of this amazing concoction and you’ll regret ever thinking about ordering the steak”

We cleared our plates and then spent another hour talking work (PR for me, Acting for him) – talking about what we do – who we want to become – how we’re going to get there – and how when we’re there we’ll look back and say, “remember that pumpkin ravioli at Rush Street…yeah that ravioli was out of sight.”


  1. What a delightful read. You both will make it quite far in life I’m sure. And when you guys do… Treat me to some pumpkin ravioli;)

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