impromptu and loving it

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It all started with an impromptu trip to HomeGoods…

I ended up running across about 20 of the most perfect pieces for my anthro-house…which has now taken a turn towards a JA (Jonathan Adler) house. I finally realized that I love the most bold, interesting and eye-catching decor – but with moderation. Adler tends to go all or nothing in his designing – which I totally respect and appreciate, but I’m still a fan for the way my home is designed in neutral colors, chocolate browns, dark hardwood floors, and other than our yam colored dining room the walls are pretty warm and earthy too!

I picked up the two wooden acorns- the taller one in a bright white and the smaller one in a lime green, and repurposed my typical ikea lamp (which now doesn’t look so typical)  and was amazed how that little area alone has added the greatest pop of color/flair to our otherwise bland fireplace. In addition, I took the driftwood that usually sits at the base of the fireplace and moved it into the red ceramic vase (also bought at HomeGoods) for a really modern and eclectic look that I LOVE! To complete this I would love to find a funky white mirror to hang and I may or may not already have my eye on a bright rug from Urban Outfitters.

I got so many cool pieces at HomeGoods it was insane! I found two incredible carved dragon bookends, one in red orange and the other in teal  (sounds crazy – looks great) a bronze elephant, a huge snakeskin round white tray bowl perfect for holding the growing collection of coffee table books and next to it I placed a really neat lacquered red box which has made a gorgeous…remote control holder!  OK so as if HomeGoods wasn’t enough I made my way to World Market – I got new kitchen chairs. I saw them, I loved them, I bought them, and I’m so excited to keep them for a long, long time!  In the dining room I shortened our gathering table to a four top, added the large metal fork & spoon set (found at HomeGoods) and repurposed the Number print from my bedroom for a cleaner more modern look!

So I was looking around and loving the place so much I had to show someone! So I decided to invite my cousins TP and LP over for an impromptu light luncheon!  I only used grocery items I had in the house so here’s how it went!

I put together a simple setting…short glass, wine glass, single fork, plate and  a bright napkin from ikea…

I wanted to create a salad that would be super healthy but really filling, so I chopped and roasted a yellow sweet potato for an hour, thinly sliced an apple, added crumbled blue cheese, arugula and tossed it in olive oil and lemon juice…DELISH!

I accompanied the salad with my version of a flatbread…this was UNBELIEVABLY easy to make! I made a Bisquick pizza dough, brushed it with olive oil, shredded an aged cheddar/gruyere cheese, chopped red pepper, sliced tomatoes, sprinkled it with oregano, sea salt and cracked black pepper. Baked for 15 minutes and voila! SO GOOD!

We sipped on fresh water with lemon, and a surprisingly great bottle (and well paired if I do say so myself) of California pinot grigio called the Naked Grape…you know me – this bottle couldn’t have been more than $6 which means… this was a good get!

Ended the lunch with lots of laughs, story telling and my personal favorite: donuts!

I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely impromptu day.


All photos courtesy of Becky Reams Photography =)

  1. Wow, I need to learn some shopping tips from you! Definitely decorating tips.

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