running out

In budget on April 5, 2011 at 4:45 am

Do you ever find there are times when you just begin to run out?

Run out of time

Run out of space

Run out of money

Run out of energy

Run out of clothes

you just run out… it’s this insane type of season where I find myself becoming the most creative…resourceful and innovative.

Recently I ran out of space…my closet, jammed packed- with what?? So I began sifting, a tossing and getting down and dirty with these tons and tons of clothing I really had no need or desire for.

They were a) ill fitting b) wayyy out of style or c) completely worn out

So I decided to consign them…and while they didn’t take everything, they took somethings. And the way I see it, I can just keep dragging my suitcase full of abandoned clothes to consignment shops around the city until all of them are gone.  The beauty of this isn’t that I’m able to make money but it’s that now I can see clearly. I have room in my closet, and I actually know what I need to buy! As a matter of fact I made a list, and suggest you do it too if you want to avoid having a closet full of trendy, wear-once, why-in-the-world-did-I-buy-this pieces.

Here’s the deal, I may have cut my closet in half, BUT now, no matter what I pull from my wardrobe, I like it! I really like it!

Ohhhh and for those other ‘run out’ situations here are some quick tips to combat….

Run out of time – Prioritize, manage, and let go. You can’t do it all, it’s a terrible, horrible, anti-Type A concept, but it’s so true. Prioritize and pick the things that matter most, that extra origami class you’re taking – let it go and spend that time preparing for the next day, getting organized, and taking care of the little things.

Run out of money – Three words: Mint dot com. This site is amazing – you punch in your vitals, it creates a REALISTIC budget for you, shoots over an email if you overspend on coffee (yikes) and helps you reach savings goals.

Run out of energy – Rest, eat, exercise. If this is happening then you are:

a) not sleeping enough, it’s simple 7-8 hours of rest folks.

b) not eating enough – here’s the formula: 6 small meals a day, 350-500 calories each, lots of fruits, veggies and minimal bad carbs.

c) not exercising – working out creates endorphins, which is that good, accomplished, I can touch the sky feeling you get post exercise…embrace it, love it, just do it (ha!).

Run out of clothes – It’s time to do laundry.



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