Work-fit – Pretty and Presidential

In Work-Fits on April 22, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Not sure why but this work-fit totally made me feel Presidential – like the first lady of hospitality! Ha! Either way I fell in love with this look and no act of congress was changing my mind.

Workfit - Perfectly Presidential

I would never veto this outfit because it’s SIMPLE! A basic white shift dress (I got mine from Zara – $59) and a classic navy blazer ( I also got this from Zara – $99). My shoes are just like the ones above – Guess but I found mine at a Marshalls for $39 and my watch is a Michael Kors (Nordstroms Rack) and my necklace was a gift! 

I’m just going to put it out there that every girl should have these items in her closet. Whether you choose to wear them together or separately – it’s imperative that you have the following: 

A basic colored shift dress – flattering, easy, and versatile! 

Nude Shoes – neutral shoes can go with so much, and as we move into spring these will especially come in handy! 

Gold jewelry – we all know my take on gold watches, necklaces, etc. Get some. 

Navy Blazer – omg do I have to say it? Every woman needs a good blazer – invest in this piece, tailor it, change the buttons out – whatever you need to do to make this piece last for years and years, because you will need it! 

Bottom line is, put this together and you will look CLEAN, STYLISH and SMART! All of the things a woman on the go wants to achieve. Annnnnnd come 5 o’clock – you can ditch the jacket for a great sleeveless number that is sure to turn heads at happy hour 🙂 


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