Crazy, Stupid, Donut Love

In Good Eats on August 29, 2011 at 7:45 am

Here’s the thing. I love donuts. Like really, truly, love them.  For Christmas I got a mini donut maker and I decided it was time to bust it out and make some treats. In addition, I remember making donuts from Grand Biscuit dough as a kid and thought I’d try it again to see if they are still as good as I remember. They definitely, definitely were.

The goods:

Batter for the mini donuts!

Grand biscuit dough to make the big donuts and fabulous donut holes!

The final product! I had a blast adding sprinkles, tossing them in powdered sugar, dipping them in chocolate and creating a glaze. Next time I’ll definitely use dark chocolate instead of milk, find a better glaze recipe and make more of the powdered sugar donuts – those were an absolute hit.









I’m so looking forward to making these for a small brunch with girlfriends, or just to bring into the office. I wonder where I can find a cute little box to put these in. I know they’ll make a spectacular hostess gift – omg I’m already picturing a cute pink box with a ribbon and small glass milk bottle to go with!


  1. Wonder how long those donuts last, you know, if you mailed them somewhere . . . KIDDING!

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