Cali Prep

In California, fashion, For the guys on October 4, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Whether biking to brunch, the farmer’s market or just along the beach on Saturday morning this is a classic outfit with a modern flair.

Colored jeans are a fun way to kick off the weekend!  I can remember having every color of jeans (jordache to be exact) back in the day and swearing I would never wear them again…yeah we see how that went.

Gotta love a comfy t-shirt, quality leather cross body bag for convenience, and a Polo hat for a super cute tomboy look.

California Prep
cali prep men

Guys it’s time to stop showing up to parties and get togethers wearing just anything! Here are six wardrobe essentials  that will take the thinking of out having style and allow you to look put together without really having to try! Mmm hmm thank me later.

1. Rugby pull over – neat, comfy, eye catching.

2. Fitted polo shirt – make those muscles pop, look crisp and smart.

3. Jeans – Levis are class-ic. Grab a dark wash, not too baggy, not super tight, but fitted. Do not be afraid to get these tailored, they will last you FOREVER.

4. Trucker-ish hat – Slap one on and rock that boyish charm. Perfect for bbq’s with friends.

5. Sneakers – Chuck Taylors, Vans, and Creative Recreations. Keep em clean, fresh and ready to go.

6.Beats  – Haute headphones…need I say more?



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