Holiday Jet Setting Essentials

In fashion, travel on December 24, 2011 at 7:14 am

Before you take off to visit family here’s a quick guide to how to dress and travel warmly, efficiently and most of all chicly (totally not a word) when running through an airport!

First things first you’ll need a simple outfit that doesn’t require you to take off 20 layers when going through security – yet still catches the eye of the hot young pilot in line next to you.

jet setter

1. chambray shirt with white tank top underneath

2. thick black ‘lants’. At this point you may be wondering what these are…they are those super thick leggings that you can wear as pants! Genius, I know.

3. gorgeous pair of tall boots. Pick a pair that are easy to slip on and off, low heel so you can walk fast, and with a tall shaft to keep your leggies warm on the plane.

4. Infinity scarf, watch, studded earrings. –  My mom told me if you leave the house without earrings you may as well be walking out naked. We don’t want to disappoint mama, so pop in a pair of studded earrings that won’t send TSA in a tizzy.  Infinity scarf to keep you warm and double as one of those freaky neck pillows for when you need to cat nap in the middle seat.  A watch – because odds are you’ll want to be on time for your flight.

other travel essentials…that boys will like too

nice carry on tote: longchamp, dooney and burke, and many others make great totes perfect for housing your jet setter must haves! (Men – grab a Murse (man purse) or nice cross body backpack in lieu of a cute tote 🙂 )

tablet: iPads were made for jet setting! Leave your clunky lap top at home and just throw this in the bag. Make sure to download your favorite t.v shows and that book you’ve been wanting to read! Also – re-up on your wi-fi so you can avoid those pesky and outrages airport internet fees.

headphones: a good pair of ear buds can go a long way. I personally don’t think you have to be THAT GUY with the Bose 9000 super duper massive noise canceling headphones – but definitely invest in a nice pair that won’t break down on you half way through the flight.

– snacks: Twizzlers and gum are my choice munchies when I’m on the go. Pick foods that are easy to eat, not messy, share well (food is a great peace offering when having to battle over an arm rest with a complete stranger) and pair nicely with the assortment of sodas offered – because afterall, who doesn’t love a good twizzler and ginger ale pairing??

*If you’re ordering food: Get the cheese plate – Not only will it actually provide some nutrients, but you won’t be elbowing your neighbors as you try to eat that ridiculous triple turkey, bacon, ciabatta mess the airlines call a sandwich.

– cell phone charger: Because nobody wants to land at their destination and have to stand in line to use a creepy pay phone because their cellie died.  Just sayin!

– Common sense and manners: This is the most important – during the holidays people get crazy, like legitimately throw all common courtesy, politeness and general sense out of the window kind of crazy. Being the calm, nice, and mannerable person will go a long way this time of year. A simple please and thank you can get you an upgrade, extra snacks, or best of all, to and fro without any altercations.

That’s all for now! Happy travels loves!


  1. Thanks for the tips J. I will totally keep these in mind. Btw I love your blog. I just wish you wrote more posts,I can’t get enough of them. Thanks for all the create advice. Have a great holiday and I look forward to reading more from you. 🙂

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