What to wear: Weeknight dinner with your best girlfriend

In fashion, friendship, Good Eats on April 26, 2012 at 9:18 am

Last week I met up with one of my most favorite people on the planet, my former co-worker turned bestie JR. She and I worked side by side for two years and she taught me how to embrace laid backness of California style and I’d like to think I showed her the many perks of preppiness.

So it’s no surprise we showed up to dinner looking pretty similar.


So! Considering the hostess (who looked pretty stylish herself) complimented me on my outfit and JR showed up with the same look, I think it’s safe to say this is perfect for a weeknight dinner with your best girlfriend.

What To Wear: Dinner with Your Best Girlfriend

All three items are super easy to throw on after work but still offers a look of effortless flair – heyyy!

So, get your colored jeans at Zara.

Get your blouse at Banana Republic.

Grab your wedges at Nordstroms.

Now on to dinner! JR and I don’t get to see one another nearly as much as we would like to so when we do break bread we take our time catching up, telling funny stories and looking into each others eyes…just kidding about the last part.

This particular night we ate at Farm Shop – delcious – if you live in the area or ever come out I highly recommend!! Not only was I sitting next to Conan O’Brien (oh yeah! oh yeah!) the ambience and service were top notch. Plus it’s at the Brentwood Country Mart which also has the cutest book shops, stores, ice cream places etc.

We started our meal with an avocado hummus, segued into a very nice cheese platter and then split perfectly roasted sunchokes, fresh snap peas and a salmon spread that was to die for. yummm!

I’m not sure what she had, but I had a glass of the Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon…one of my favorite reds (okay one of the only reds I like) and it even paired nicely with our meal.

Great company, fabulous food and matching outfits!



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