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String Lights and Summer Nights

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Recently I was going through old blog posts and remembered how I used to share photos of things that made me happy, inspired me or just good moments. So I’m thinking I’ll do that again today in hopes that a few of these will make you smile as well.

Finally buying THAT pair of shoes I’ve been wanting for forever. These add just enough spunk to my wardrobe.


Seeing my husband on the big screen! My heart skipped a beat the first time I bought a ticket to see my husband in his first film. I’m a little biased but he did great and the movie was hilarious. You can download it on iTunes!


Having my husband’s parents over for dinner and uno at our new place for the first time – incredible! We ordered pizza from their favorite pizzeria, Lamonica’s and enjoyed a summer evening out on our semi-furnished balcony.


The first time we saw the stringed lights on over the balcony. Few things in the world give me happiness like great ambiance. I even covered my eyes for the ‘big reveal’ – I love it out there.


Getting our wedding photos back and realizing how blessed we were to have found the photographer we had. Nicole at Sorella-Muse Photography completely captured the essence of our day. She is nothing short of amazing and I’m so happy we found her and have her in our lives.


Figuring out how ridiculously simple it is to use our crock pot and then spending an entire Saturday eating homemade teriyaki wings and watching season two of Friday Night Lights.


Seeing my absolute favorite twosome Johnnyswim  (think Johnny and June Cash meet Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) and the brilliant Emeli Sande (get her album, you’ll put it on repeat) with hilarious girlfriends. I was blown away by the sheer talent these two artists displayed. No gimmicks – just a love for what they do.


That’s plenty for now!

xx – jess


You are Beautiful in Every Single Way – Damian, from Mean Girls

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Ok seriously, this is turning into a inspirational blog. But whatever – if it’s on my heart I’m going to talk about it. Beauty and how we view ourselves is a crazy thing. I used to think it was just women who struggled with it – but learned quickly that men have the same self doubts and insecurities that us ladies do.

I was chatting with a friend today and she mentioned she saw a photo of me where I looked ‘so comfortable in my own skin’ and that she wanted that. It got me thinking – how did I get there, because I DEFINITELY was not always comfortable in my skin. When you go to three high schools, in three different states, in four years you become fairly self conscious.


Then it hit me. I remember being on facebook (post on the perils of social media coming soon) and seeing a girlfriend who manages to look PERFECT in every photo she posts or is tagged in. I noticed she always took her photos from her good side, smiled just enough and opened her eyes just right. Perfect picture every single time. She looked amazing – flawless even. So what did I do? Head to my mac photo booth in search of my good side. I found it that night!


Then I forgot which one it was.

Instead I decided that when I take pics I’m just going to be in the moment. Live every second of that moment and move on. It’s not easy – I still catch myself asking a friend to retake a photo, or picking myself apart when I look through my wedding pictures. But it’s about making a conscious effort to stop being so concerned about the perfect this and that and just live. So there it is – embrace that lazy eye (raises hand) and own whatever you’re feeling next time you take a photo.


Are there going to be times when we use little tricks to look our best ? Sure!  A head tilt here, crossed legs there, a hand on the waist every now and then never hurt anyone. But let’s be real, a photo is for the moment and the memory  – nothing else.  So just own it.  I’m guessing when you look back 10 years from now you’ll be glad you did.

– Jess

The Plight of Perfection

In inspiration on August 10, 2013 at 8:42 am

I am the worst kind of perfectionist. You know, the kind that wants everything to be right but doesn’t quite have the attention span or focus to get it done all the time so instead they just do nothing?  Yep – that’s me.  My friends would argue I’m being too hard on myself, but I know I could do more. Trust me, I KNOW.

Admittedly, that’s why this blog hasn’t been consistent. That’s why my business is still just a novel idea – but I’ve realized lately – that’s OK.   None of us and nothing we do will ever be perfect ; so instead of me sitting around thinking about how I would like to do things, well, I’m just going to do them.  And perfect them as I go. And trust that things are going to work out.  Because you know what? They always do! Can I get a witness??

One afternoon I was talking to my good friend Whit about how I didn’t want anyone to come to my newlywed abode (that’s Jess talk for new apartment) until I had this and that and things were just right. She quite bluntly told me I needed to shut up and just live.


It was great. I needed to hear that. I needed to know that if I only have two chairs and TV my people aren’t going to care. If boxes are still unpacked, or our bed frame hasn’t come in yet – my people won’t think less of me. They just want bask in our newlywed bliss and have a glass of wine.  They want to laugh with us and hear funny stories about the hubster and me sharing a bathroom and a closet and having TJ Maxx breakdowns in the pillow section.  Whoops I digress.

Bottom line is – she let me off the hook. I needed to be let off the hook. So if you’re like me and you have a million ideas, goals, aspirations but your ‘perfectionism’ is holding you back – you’re off the hook my friend. Let it go and live life. We only get one after all.

Whew – so if I don’t blog for awhile, or it’s years before Cereal & Wine Events launches, cut me some slack and know that I’m out here at least thinking about it and that one day it will get done and it will work out. 🙂


xx – jess

Short Hair…well you know the rest

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In light of Queen Bey’s recent chop I thought I would touch on my own decision to LET IT GO.  Let it go as in almost cut all of my hair off. First of all I think we can all admit that we’ve heard over and over again that a woman’s hair is her glory. For a black woman especially you spend years growing your hair, nurturing it, straightening it or wearing it natural. It’s a sign of beauty in society and really a safety blanket for a lot of us. At least I know it was for me.

Back in 2007 I had to cut my hair due to it being damaged and I hated it. Then in 2008 I got the worst “trim” of my life.  Can you say traumatized? From there I never cut it again. As a matter of fact I’ve never so much as a highlighted my hair. So about two years ago when my hair reached a little past shoulder length I was through the roof with excitement. BUT I really loved the idea of cutting my hair into a pixie.  HOW FIERCE RIGHT? Never did it – never even got close. Talked a lot of game but could never pull the trigger. Frankly, I was SCARED and crippled by none other than… FEAR. My hair was still defining me, it was still an element of comfort, and I wasn’t ready to let go.

Fast forward to 2013 and I’m promising my then fiance Pooch (who was 110% for this and wanted me to do it so badly for years) that I would cut my hair post wedding. So it’s a few months after our wedding and I’m looking at my wardrobe and my hair that has been stuffed into a top knot/bun thing for weeks on end – and began thinking to myself ‘wow I’m really ‘plain jane-ing’ it up these days’.  Like I told my friends, I felt like a soccer mom – a cute, young, pulled together soccer mom. BUT STILL.

Then it hit me – I’m playing it safe. OMG I’ve gotten to the point where I’m SCARED to take risks. What would happen if I cut my hair off?

First thought: I won’t be able to do all of the cool styles I love to do with my hair.

Second thought: Oh wait…I don’t do cool styles with my hair.

Third thought: Why not…

Fourth thought: Cue jeopardy music because I had no answer for ‘Why not?’

So I ran it by two close friends (Jammie & Whitney) to get their opinion and for accountability. This time I was not chickening out.

Next thing I know – I’ve made my appointment….




Whoa!! Can I just tell you I felt like I gained a whole lotta FIERCENESS?! Holy Cow! I have NEVER felt more feminine, more confident and more free than I do now!!


It sounds cheesy but we are NOT our hair ladies (and gents) and we’re also not our comfort zone.  If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do – do it! Enjoy it, embrace the change and own your beauty. We only get one shot at this thing and I personally don’t want to look back and say, shoulda, coulda, woulda.

One of my biggest inspirations was this chick Shameless Maya. Check her out she is incredible – she cut off her gorgeous curls and did it just because she was afraid to and didn’t want fear to hold her back!

What’s a change you’ve been wanting to make for a long time but you’re too scared to do?  Can I challenge you to something? Do it. Be fearless You’ll love it – Queen Bey and I do!



Breathe In, Breathe Out, Relax.

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Step 1: pick a place – not too far, not too close.

Step 2: plan nothing.

Step 3: breathe in, breath out, relax.

I needed a break. Badly.

I owe a big fat thank you to my bestie Justine also known as my spontaneity coach for reminding me to do all of the above.

poolside sf