The Plight of Perfection

In inspiration on August 10, 2013 at 8:42 am

I am the worst kind of perfectionist. You know, the kind that wants everything to be right but doesn’t quite have the attention span or focus to get it done all the time so instead they just do nothing?  Yep – that’s me.  My friends would argue I’m being too hard on myself, but I know I could do more. Trust me, I KNOW.

Admittedly, that’s why this blog hasn’t been consistent. That’s why my business is still just a novel idea – but I’ve realized lately – that’s OK.   None of us and nothing we do will ever be perfect ; so instead of me sitting around thinking about how I would like to do things, well, I’m just going to do them.  And perfect them as I go. And trust that things are going to work out.  Because you know what? They always do! Can I get a witness??

One afternoon I was talking to my good friend Whit about how I didn’t want anyone to come to my newlywed abode (that’s Jess talk for new apartment) until I had this and that and things were just right. She quite bluntly told me I needed to shut up and just live.


It was great. I needed to hear that. I needed to know that if I only have two chairs and TV my people aren’t going to care. If boxes are still unpacked, or our bed frame hasn’t come in yet – my people won’t think less of me. They just want bask in our newlywed bliss and have a glass of wine.  They want to laugh with us and hear funny stories about the hubster and me sharing a bathroom and a closet and having TJ Maxx breakdowns in the pillow section.  Whoops I digress.

Bottom line is – she let me off the hook. I needed to be let off the hook. So if you’re like me and you have a million ideas, goals, aspirations but your ‘perfectionism’ is holding you back – you’re off the hook my friend. Let it go and live life. We only get one after all.

Whew – so if I don’t blog for awhile, or it’s years before Cereal & Wine Events launches, cut me some slack and know that I’m out here at least thinking about it and that one day it will get done and it will work out. 🙂


xx – jess


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