You are Beautiful in Every Single Way – Damian, from Mean Girls

In inspiration, Mean Girls on August 16, 2013 at 1:19 am


Ok seriously, this is turning into a inspirational blog. But whatever – if it’s on my heart I’m going to talk about it. Beauty and how we view ourselves is a crazy thing. I used to think it was just women who struggled with it – but learned quickly that men have the same self doubts and insecurities that us ladies do.

I was chatting with a friend today and she mentioned she saw a photo of me where I looked ‘so comfortable in my own skin’ and that she wanted that. It got me thinking – how did I get there, because I DEFINITELY was not always comfortable in my skin. When you go to three high schools, in three different states, in four years you become fairly self conscious.


Then it hit me. I remember being on facebook (post on the perils of social media coming soon) and seeing a girlfriend who manages to look PERFECT in every photo she posts or is tagged in. I noticed she always took her photos from her good side, smiled just enough and opened her eyes just right. Perfect picture every single time. She looked amazing – flawless even. So what did I do? Head to my mac photo booth in search of my good side. I found it that night!


Then I forgot which one it was.

Instead I decided that when I take pics I’m just going to be in the moment. Live every second of that moment and move on. It’s not easy – I still catch myself asking a friend to retake a photo, or picking myself apart when I look through my wedding pictures. But it’s about making a conscious effort to stop being so concerned about the perfect this and that and just live. So there it is – embrace that lazy eye (raises hand) and own whatever you’re feeling next time you take a photo.


Are there going to be times when we use little tricks to look our best ? Sure!  A head tilt here, crossed legs there, a hand on the waist every now and then never hurt anyone. But let’s be real, a photo is for the moment and the memory  – nothing else.  So just own it.  I’m guessing when you look back 10 years from now you’ll be glad you did.

– Jess


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