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String Lights and Summer Nights

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Recently I was going through old blog posts and remembered how I used to share photos of things that made me happy, inspired me or just good moments. So I’m thinking I’ll do that again today in hopes that a few of these will make you smile as well.

Finally buying THAT pair of shoes I’ve been wanting for forever. These add just enough spunk to my wardrobe.


Seeing my husband on the big screen! My heart skipped a beat the first time I bought a ticket to see my husband in his first film. I’m a little biased but he did great and the movie was hilarious. You can download it on iTunes!


Having my husband’s parents over for dinner and uno at our new place for the first time – incredible! We ordered pizza from their favorite pizzeria, Lamonica’s and enjoyed a summer evening out on our semi-furnished balcony.


The first time we saw the stringed lights on over the balcony. Few things in the world give me happiness like great ambiance. I even covered my eyes for the ‘big reveal’ – I love it out there.


Getting our wedding photos back and realizing how blessed we were to have found the photographer we had. Nicole at Sorella-Muse Photography completely captured the essence of our day. She is nothing short of amazing and I’m so happy we found her and have her in our lives.


Figuring out how ridiculously simple it is to use our crock pot and then spending an entire Saturday eating homemade teriyaki wings and watching season two of Friday Night Lights.


Seeing my absolute favorite twosome Johnnyswim  (think Johnny and June Cash meet Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) and the brilliant Emeli Sande (get her album, you’ll put it on repeat) with hilarious girlfriends. I was blown away by the sheer talent these two artists displayed. No gimmicks – just a love for what they do.


That’s plenty for now!

xx – jess


What to wear: Weeknight dinner with your best girlfriend

In fashion, friendship, Good Eats on April 26, 2012 at 9:18 am

Last week I met up with one of my most favorite people on the planet, my former co-worker turned bestie JR. She and I worked side by side for two years and she taught me how to embrace laid backness of California style and I’d like to think I showed her the many perks of preppiness.

So it’s no surprise we showed up to dinner looking pretty similar.


So! Considering the hostess (who looked pretty stylish herself) complimented me on my outfit and JR showed up with the same look, I think it’s safe to say this is perfect for a weeknight dinner with your best girlfriend.

What To Wear: Dinner with Your Best Girlfriend

All three items are super easy to throw on after work but still offers a look of effortless flair – heyyy!

So, get your colored jeans at Zara.

Get your blouse at Banana Republic.

Grab your wedges at Nordstroms.

Now on to dinner! JR and I don’t get to see one another nearly as much as we would like to so when we do break bread we take our time catching up, telling funny stories and looking into each others eyes…just kidding about the last part.

This particular night we ate at Farm Shop – delcious – if you live in the area or ever come out I highly recommend!! Not only was I sitting next to Conan O’Brien (oh yeah! oh yeah!) the ambience and service were top notch. Plus it’s at the Brentwood Country Mart which also has the cutest book shops, stores, ice cream places etc.

We started our meal with an avocado hummus, segued into a very nice cheese platter and then split perfectly roasted sunchokes, fresh snap peas and a salmon spread that was to die for. yummm!

I’m not sure what she had, but I had a glass of the Joel Gott 815 Cabernet Sauvignon…one of my favorite reds (okay one of the only reds I like) and it even paired nicely with our meal.

Great company, fabulous food and matching outfits!


Holiday Jet Setting Essentials

In fashion, travel on December 24, 2011 at 7:14 am

Before you take off to visit family here’s a quick guide to how to dress and travel warmly, efficiently and most of all chicly (totally not a word) when running through an airport!

First things first you’ll need a simple outfit that doesn’t require you to take off 20 layers when going through security – yet still catches the eye of the hot young pilot in line next to you.

jet setter

1. chambray shirt with white tank top underneath

2. thick black ‘lants’. At this point you may be wondering what these are…they are those super thick leggings that you can wear as pants! Genius, I know.

3. gorgeous pair of tall boots. Pick a pair that are easy to slip on and off, low heel so you can walk fast, and with a tall shaft to keep your leggies warm on the plane.

4. Infinity scarf, watch, studded earrings. –  My mom told me if you leave the house without earrings you may as well be walking out naked. We don’t want to disappoint mama, so pop in a pair of studded earrings that won’t send TSA in a tizzy.  Infinity scarf to keep you warm and double as one of those freaky neck pillows for when you need to cat nap in the middle seat.  A watch – because odds are you’ll want to be on time for your flight.

other travel essentials…that boys will like too

nice carry on tote: longchamp, dooney and burke, and many others make great totes perfect for housing your jet setter must haves! (Men – grab a Murse (man purse) or nice cross body backpack in lieu of a cute tote 🙂 )

tablet: iPads were made for jet setting! Leave your clunky lap top at home and just throw this in the bag. Make sure to download your favorite t.v shows and that book you’ve been wanting to read! Also – re-up on your wi-fi so you can avoid those pesky and outrages airport internet fees.

headphones: a good pair of ear buds can go a long way. I personally don’t think you have to be THAT GUY with the Bose 9000 super duper massive noise canceling headphones – but definitely invest in a nice pair that won’t break down on you half way through the flight.

– snacks: Twizzlers and gum are my choice munchies when I’m on the go. Pick foods that are easy to eat, not messy, share well (food is a great peace offering when having to battle over an arm rest with a complete stranger) and pair nicely with the assortment of sodas offered – because afterall, who doesn’t love a good twizzler and ginger ale pairing??

*If you’re ordering food: Get the cheese plate – Not only will it actually provide some nutrients, but you won’t be elbowing your neighbors as you try to eat that ridiculous triple turkey, bacon, ciabatta mess the airlines call a sandwich.

– cell phone charger: Because nobody wants to land at their destination and have to stand in line to use a creepy pay phone because their cellie died.  Just sayin!

– Common sense and manners: This is the most important – during the holidays people get crazy, like legitimately throw all common courtesy, politeness and general sense out of the window kind of crazy. Being the calm, nice, and mannerable person will go a long way this time of year. A simple please and thank you can get you an upgrade, extra snacks, or best of all, to and fro without any altercations.

That’s all for now! Happy travels loves!


Cali Prep

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Whether biking to brunch, the farmer’s market or just along the beach on Saturday morning this is a classic outfit with a modern flair.

Colored jeans are a fun way to kick off the weekend!  I can remember having every color of jeans (jordache to be exact) back in the day and swearing I would never wear them again…yeah we see how that went.

Gotta love a comfy t-shirt, quality leather cross body bag for convenience, and a Polo hat for a super cute tomboy look.

California Prep
cali prep men

Guys it’s time to stop showing up to parties and get togethers wearing just anything! Here are six wardrobe essentials  that will take the thinking of out having style and allow you to look put together without really having to try! Mmm hmm thank me later.

1. Rugby pull over – neat, comfy, eye catching.

2. Fitted polo shirt – make those muscles pop, look crisp and smart.

3. Jeans – Levis are class-ic. Grab a dark wash, not too baggy, not super tight, but fitted. Do not be afraid to get these tailored, they will last you FOREVER.

4. Trucker-ish hat – Slap one on and rock that boyish charm. Perfect for bbq’s with friends.

5. Sneakers – Chuck Taylors, Vans, and Creative Recreations. Keep em clean, fresh and ready to go.

6.Beats  – Haute headphones…need I say more?


Online Obsessions

In fashion, inspiration on September 14, 2011 at 8:12 am

Via an awesome blog who’s identity I can’t seem to recall

Just a quick post to share a bit of where I get my inspiration from!

Refinery 29 > It’s just an all around great site, with funny, entertaining content and great writers.

Tomboy Style > Embodies my personal style “Tomboy Chic”. Warning – it’s addictive.

Kate Spade Blog > From great tips on entertaining, to travel, cute bikes, and the perfect accessories this is a must read for every lady.

Enjoy loves!


Cheap Couture…kinda

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So this isn’t really couture – that was definitely an overstatement on my part. What it is though is a cheap way to update any piece of clothing! This little tidbit of advice comes from my dear and stylish friend J.R who taught me how to take an average shirt, cardigan, blazer or jacket to the next level.

A few weeks ago I took a trip to LA’s fashion district downtown and spent a few hours perusing shops, finding awesome buttons and just taking in the bustle. I left with about 30 buttons ranging from big silver ones with horses on them (perfect for my blue Express blazer in serious need of updating) to some gold and floral print small buttons that I have already begun to add to an awesome oversized tan blazer I inherited from my mom annnnnnd I grabbed  a blue “silk” (using that term extremely loosely) top that looks super cool with leggings, skinny jeans, tucked into a skirt, shorts, etc.

The top was all of $18 bucks and frankly looked fine but not GREAT. I needed this purchase to look GREAT! So what did I do? I plopped down in a chair, borrowed some needle and thread from my roomie and switched out the buttons (which were 25 cents each – if that). Every time I wear this shirt I get tons of compliments on it.  The simple button switcheroo took this shirt from average to awesome and is now one of my favorite tops!

Try it, You’ll like it, I guarantee it.  What commercial did I steal that from?? Men’s Wearhouse? Who cares – have fun with your wardrobe for next to nothing. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…Ok I’m done!


Fabulous Dahling

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For those of you who aren’t 40 yet does this cake not make you want to age as fabulously??

The best part of this is knowing that a girls favorite things stay the same no matter how ‘seasoned’ we get!

Yesssss dahling!



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Awesome Door Knobs from Anthropolgie

Southern Hospitality

Dress, Shoes, Hat…loooove!

My Next Purchase – Classic Leopard Flats

Awesome Book Stack…you know how I feel about my stacked books!


true grit

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Now channeling John Wayne…saw this beauty at Gossamer in Venice, CA…currently obsessed.


3 snaps in Z formation!

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Ok this was totally a work project I did and couldn’t help re-posting! OMG isn’t she just too chic?? Urban Outfitter blazer, Gap ballet flats, Navy jersey dress and a bomb leather watch.

Definitely noteworthy – will be recreating this little number!