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String Lights and Summer Nights

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Recently I was going through old blog posts and remembered how I used to share photos of things that made me happy, inspired me or just good moments. So I’m thinking I’ll do that again today in hopes that a few of these will make you smile as well.

Finally buying THAT pair of shoes I’ve been wanting for forever. These add just enough spunk to my wardrobe.


Seeing my husband on the big screen! My heart skipped a beat the first time I bought a ticket to see my husband in his first film. I’m a little biased but he did great and the movie was hilarious. You can download it on iTunes!


Having my husband’s parents over for dinner and uno at our new place for the first time – incredible! We ordered pizza from their favorite pizzeria, Lamonica’s and enjoyed a summer evening out on our semi-furnished balcony.


The first time we saw the stringed lights on over the balcony. Few things in the world give me happiness like great ambiance. I even covered my eyes for the ‘big reveal’ – I love it out there.


Getting our wedding photos back and realizing how blessed we were to have found the photographer we had. Nicole at Sorella-Muse Photography completely captured the essence of our day. She is nothing short of amazing and I’m so happy we found her and have her in our lives.


Figuring out how ridiculously simple it is to use our crock pot and then spending an entire Saturday eating homemade teriyaki wings and watching season two of Friday Night Lights.


Seeing my absolute favorite twosome Johnnyswim  (think Johnny and June Cash meet Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell) and the brilliant Emeli Sande (get her album, you’ll put it on repeat) with hilarious girlfriends. I was blown away by the sheer talent these two artists displayed. No gimmicks – just a love for what they do.


That’s plenty for now!

xx – jess


flips and funnel cake

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oh man – I think A.P is addicted : )

He’d never had a funnel cake…ever!! In my world that is a federal offense. I had my first funnel cake in Amish Country Pennsylvania at the age of like 6! Yeah I was hooked on this sugary, doughy confection early and haven’t been able to give it up since. Every fair, carnival, boardwalk, I go to I’m searching high and low for the lone funnel cake stand. Though I must admit I’m not into the fancy stuff – don’t go adding weird strawberry compote or chocolate or any of that business- just give it to me piping hot (the kind of hot that causes me to repeatedly burn my tongue, because I refuse to wait for it to cool, but I’ll just say: omg.it’s so gooood.i can’t help it. yeah you know that feeling!) and covered in powder sugar.

Eat hard. Play hard. That’s my motto…at least when you’re at the Santa Monica Pier!

We headed over to what I like to call the ‘gymnastics area’ but I’m certain it has a more formal name than that…anyway I showed off my 2nd grade gymnast skills and A.P attempted to out do me…hmmm I think not – I have a dismount to rival Dominique Dawkins…sort of. Anyway here’s me judging A.P after he mastered a flip on the rings!

Flips & Funnel Cake <—– THE VIDEO!!! 🙂


Hollywood say what?!

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Recently, A.P let me escort him to the premiere of the HBO series he worked for all summer, Eastbound and Down...dude this Dorthy- is so not in Kansas anymore : )

~ j.ayers

the sometimes valley girl

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Take the 405 to the 101, to the 134…in 0.2 miles exit on your left. I don’t need my gps to get here anymore, some things are just second nature now, getting here is like making my eggs in the morning, I don’t measure seasonings, I just go.  This particular day I drove the entire way: windows down, soaking up the 80 degree weather, and singing my heart out to the same Florence + The Machine song on repeat…

Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father
Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind
You cant carry it with you if you want to survive

As I pulled onto A.P’s folks’ street, I turned my music down, parked the car and absorbed the good feeling I always get when I’m in the valley…all of a sudden I can’t hear the freeway anymore, the streets are lined with deeply rooted trees, the houses look like homes, warm, inviting, comforting.

Within seconds of stepping through his parents red door I’m greeted with the smell of a freshly baked chocolate cake, hugs, laughter, and before I can sit down I have at least two dogs vying for my attention.

Feels like home

Photos from the evening

Food was amazing… there is nothing like a home cooked meal.

Kona, their rescued Rotweiler was making the sweetest faces in a valiant effort to sample some steak.


Chocolate Cake and a glass of milk for dessert? Don’t mind if I do!


Love their backyard, we played with the pups for awhile…A.P can get them to all howl at the same time!

Joey & Yogi

My favorite moment of the night: Kona who is 115+ lbs channels his inner lap dog and climbs onto A.P’s dad’s lap!

How beautiful a day can be
When kindness touches it!
~George Elliston


“As You Wish”

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It doesn’t take much to make me happy, so when my super cool roomie emailed me two weeks ago about this “food truck, movie, outdoor thing” I was buying my ticket within the hour.

One blanket, two tickets and $20 bucks later A.P and I strolled into Outdoor Cinema Food Fest.

5 things that made this night great:

1. Free coffee for everyone  – let me rephrase that…free delicious coffee for everyone.

2.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house because the screen is MASSIVE – not to mention we managed to get a spot front and center.

3. Hawaiian, Burger, Korean, Cupcake, French Fries, Ice Cream, Pizza, Salad Food Trucks…literally something for every palate.

4. Now Showing: The Princess Bride

5. Concessions are $1

One thing we learned quickly was that the trucks can and will run out of food. I mean it’s obvious considering there were 1000+ hungry people in attendance and only so many of these mobile eateries.  Vivid visions of slow roasted beef, pork and chicken, marinated in island sauce lured us to the Hawaiian BBQ truck almost instantaneously. 5 minutes later a guy hops out of the truck and with an indifferent glance at the line, posts a handwritten sign: “OUT OF FOOD”  snapping us back to reality and sending us on a hunt for the next best thing.

No worries, we marched over to the Slice Truck and after about 15 minutes in line (which was no big deal because we could still watch the movie) our order was in:  2 slices of Cheese, 2 slices of Pepperoni.  The wait was about 30 so we grabbed some candy from the concession, water, a coke and proceeded to cheer, laugh and boo with the crowd while we waited. Did I mention we only spent $20 the entire evening?

Oh Em Geeeeee! Delicious, gooey, warm, cheesy, with a little NYC swag…the pizza hit the spot.

Every time I watch The Princess Bride I remember why EVERYONE loves it, action, adventure, comedy, love….and come on what girl doesn’t love it when a guy is cooperative and wonderful and just says “as you wish” and really means “I love you and I would cross the 7 seas, endure the pit of despair, fight oversized rodents, out smart kings, and let you sit on the blanket and stay warm while I wait in line all over again to pick up the pizza for us.”

~ j.ayers

The Accidental Antiquing

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There is something magical, addictive, and absolutely euphoric about California sunshine. Summer 2010 however, has been straight up stingy with the sun – until yesterday. I’m talking blue skies galore, a warm breeze and sun, sun, sunshine!  The best part about a warm day is a warm night, which in my eyes is cause for an evening out. Confession- I may or may not have used it as an excuse to rock these super cute black dress shorts I’ve been dying to wear but couldn’t for fear of getting frost bite. I digress…so A.P and I headed over to Culver City’s main street where al fresco dining, live music, and prime people watching/eavesdropping take place.

My turn to choose – i pick Akasha – a fabulous restaurant wrapping around the corners of Culver & Watseka with a commanding metal door, long list of  what I assume to be spectacular wines, a menu with dishes composed of locally grown produce and of course the whole “we’re trying to look like we aren’t trying” ambiance to top things off…I adore this place.

After absolutely terrorizing a plate of sweet potato fries (paired with Vegenaise/paprika sauce – delish) we proceed to abandon all attempts at conversation and dive into our entrees. For me: A simple Fig Salad with blue cheese crumbles, walnuts, arugula, light vinaigrette…For A.P:  Flat Iron Steak, parmesan crusted potatoes and a rainbow chard.  (I plan to do a post just on Akasha one day with photos and all of that jazz.)

Because A.P and I managed to eat so quickly (haha) we had some time to walk around main street. We made it about five doors down before we were stopped by little girls screaming: “50 cents! Books are just 50 cents! Come and get them!”  I looked up and realized we were in front of a second hand store – Jackpot.  I tell A.P I’m looking for “really cool hard cover books” for my room. With my vague description in mind the two of us embarked on a quest to find the coolest, oldest, most unique books EVER…

Soon we are sitting cross legged on the floor, passing books back and forth, laughing at the titles, gawking at the print dates, relishing in the feel of the old pages between our fingers, and trying our best to narrow down my increasing stack of selections.

“But what about this one I like the yellow cover – it pops..”

“Yeah, but this one, this one has an awesome title (The Power of Positive Thinking)”

“Oooh! Read the note in this one – it’s signed 1924.”

As I am finalizing my purchase one of those live music bands I told you about earlier, proceeds to come into the thrift shop, not to browse but to take their show on the road; playing their instruments and singing their hearts out as if no one is watching. I grin from ear to ear and cheer them on as they march around harmonizing about the girl in a purple dress next to me. Is this for real?

An hour has passed since we first stopped in. We leave with spirits high, a paper bag of our finds in tow and a receipt for 10 books equaling what would’ve been the cost of one brand new.  As we walk back to the car I can’t help but smile and instantly recall having the same feeling leaving the library as a kid – holding more books than I could hardly manage, bursting at the seams with anticipation, talking a mile a minute about which book I would read first…if I could just get to the car. ; )

~ j.ayers